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The correct living together, peacefulness, affection may be the ideals of many people,help in the practice of stretching and commitment. Unfortunately, our incomplete domestic knowledge the folk from music was not able to rise to the task. An experiment happened this way,- after I returned home from his concert of East Berlin-, the political transformation made his realisation fall through though. We may be sorry that we did not manage to invite an artist with importance like this for the domestic audience only!
The situation changed by today unfortunately, Because he gave back his soul to his creator in a Presbyterian hospital on 2014.01.27 fell asleep having enough of the in peace dear my schoolmaster and my friend!
   Attention! The web page originally Pete Seeger and wanted to raise a memorial my contact but I had to recognise it after his death, big darkness reigns in my compatriots' circles regarding his person.
I enlarged the vertical column without the claim of the completeness with films and discs for ones with a right feeling where below can be found one " full entry " and one " opener side " text. Newer sides can be looked at the " with clicking on an opener side, while the playback the " onto a full entry " turns into one which can be looked at with a mouse click.