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Pete Seeger memorial visit ( 2 )

The next day we had a dense program. A guitarist and a flamboyant Seeger friend came by car and our first program was taken to an Indian cemetery because of my Indian connection. It was a little gesture. . __________________________________________________________________________









___________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________




My first day was taken to an Indian cemetery and then we ate at a restaurant. Then we went home where Susan waited because in New York, we had to stand on stage in Beacon. This was after lunch and it was no surprise to me! ___________________________________________________________________________________

We came home to Redding, and Susan gave my bandage in my hand. It was a musical instrument but it soon became apparent that the hooks did not resemble Vega or my new long-necked bandage! That meant we had to make friends with each other and the timing of the instrument was short! It soon became apparent that, for example, the double sheath technique did not come to mind. I used to think that this land is your land will be included in the program because it is very patriotic and every American knows. Skip to my Lou is easy to sing together and it is likely to be easy to get in. There are 8 performers, and they sing in blue or two songs. Also, luckily, my plans were lucky. ____________________________________________________________________________

_________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________

Connetticat State in Redding had to get to know Susan's bundle, which was a big challenge because Vega Rancher and my new long neck instrument were very different. Profi was 5 strings, but I had very little time to do it until the first run. __________________________________________________________________________

____________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________

Maybe we had an hour and a half to go to New York,Beacon. __________________________________________________________________________________

__________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________


___________________________________________________________________________ Deep water! Exercising without consulting the New York, Beacon stage where everyone could produce two songs. In this situation, Susan and I were so successful that they got up from every table on their way, and they shook hands with me and were very happy with the hearings. This is an elite place and many people have said they appreciated what they heard of us. Other did not bend around the 15 or so performers of Seeger style. It was all my surprise and acceptance among them. Inside the building, Pete's huge replica of the painting was also on top of the wall with many other celebrities. On a sensational evening I had the most myriad dreams in the lion's cave _______________________________________________________________________________________

After the concert, we went down to the Hudson River and saw the community house of Sloop Clearwater, which I knew only from the Vidalians. I had a great day thanks to my dear friends. ______________________________________________________________________________

___________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________

< We were awakened to a new day after the great action. The planned program was the ocean view and lunch was planned for eating cancer. The weather was gracious to us and this was true throughout my time in the United States. Here, on the ocean coast, I celebrated my day in this majestic sight in the United States.

________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________

Preparing for the ocean, we saw Susan's workplace where she taught the kids. The order and organization that is experiencing here is completely out of my everyday experience. Placement is so that civilians are not disturbed. The school bus carries the kids and not the parents rushing in the mornings with the child on the narrow lanes that enter the single lane where they get nerve to school and their workplace. ____________________________________________________________________________________

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