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Pete Seeger memorial visit

When I came home from East Berlin, I became aware that Pete Seeger did not have Wikipedia in Hungarian. This was outraged and I made a Hungarian-language Wikipedia. I thought that the photograph taken on the sound of Werner Seelenbinder Halle's sound was made by Peter and me. Given that Pete was alive, I had to fight for a long correspondence. You can view the Hungarian and English Wikipedia here.

Pete Seeger in Hungarian reads here. And here is in English text.

   By the next step I wanted to commemorate Pete, a Hungarian language 5-string banjo instructor. He helped me freely to learn how to play in his style, and I belonged to my country to do this as well. I'm putting the athletes on the sidelines. So I learned from Pete \ 's book and LP.


____________________________________________________________________________________ My old plan was to follow Pete Seeger's friend to me, too, to be a huge treasure from me, along with the Vega Folk Ranger, with a long neck. This is what I wanted to achieve in February 2016 to commemorate the great time spent in East Berlin for the 30th anniversary. Unfortunately, I could not buy a musical instrument from a modest pension. There was a childish carpenter who had undertaken to make the neck. When we started talking about metal components, it turned out that they could not make them. I had to choose another way.

I searched and found a long neck neck on a Pay Pal web site. The price was quite fair! I ordered it right away and paid the price. You just had to wait to arrive. I was very happy. On this path, the rest of the instrument could also be bought. Then came the big deal. It had to be made up of pieces of the instrument. I got to work great!

   The long neck Pete Seeger banjo neck arrived a few days before the indicated date. It was flawless. I was very happy!
















I bought the other parts in the same way and found a small part of the pot. This has greatly accelerated the compilation so I bought this one too.












My companion, my friend, Leslie McKlasky, made the compilation and did a great job.