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The answer

I started getting it to think that I do not catch an answer so slowly with the progress of the time. Apparently a star like this a unknown country will not respond to his unknown man's letter. We he may have a reason for him? Prepares for concerts and my letter his female secretary sends a polite answer in the best case. It was not sure that Sing Out is a magazine Pete Seeger handed over my letter.
The miracle happened unexpectedly entirely next! The  postman arrived and not too brought a letter only, but a serious mail USA! We more one not affected!! Peter Seeger himself was the sender though! Unbelievable!! I did not dare to open the mail in the first moment. Many times carefully and scrupulously accross I studied my gift with a unusual form! Myself felt for rich one immensely! The feeling was indescribable with what my soul was raging. Sure, that that's true, you are only I stand it merely? Do I dream possibly? I may find this out so if I set about it only and I examine his inside! I started musing over the fact that the address was written with an own hand while I saw it as him for the task. There was no sign of the female secretary! It seemed that I blundered thoroughly on this space! This remarkable event 1974.July onto post avoided on 23.





There was a book in the envelope at first sight and maybe a letter. I opened the envelope with unconcealed curiosity.the result of the exciting unpacking in truth a banjo teaching book and there was a letter.I was happy upon seeing the gift immensely. I did not can in order whether should read the letter before or into the book turn a page?













I turned a page with unconcealed curiosity onto the first side!I did not have an idea about it,what I will find how than how is a teaching book being made how as I did not have an idea about it? Well, with proper thoroughness And the booklet kept in my hand was being made with circumspection.the mailing list followed the expenses preceding this this a short banjo was a history though. The education entered the sheets observing this. Not my little joy music a theory belonged to all lesson. The book built professionally and thematically to grant all help it showed for a resolute reader. Through Suns and I studied my gift devotedly step by step.

The book built professionally and thematically to grant all help it showed for a resolute reader. Through Suns and I studied my gift devotedly step by step. I have to mention that the mail contained an other booklet here about what he came to light at first sight, that tabs  and implies songs and it is necessary to be useful after the acquired lessons.

The first steps in the acquisition of the technique though here visible for the reader.








Beside the happiness,loomed in me the feeling that I cut the felling axe into big tree! Not I thought of the learning only into first row. I had to reflect on it thoroughly rather, what I have an effect on a manner banjo  to obtain? This was not disappearing far on plain Hungary drawn for a thing then there was socialism. Banjo was not easy to shop because the law of my homeland is not an European musical instrument did not let a foreign exchange onto foreign countries to send.